3 Quick Fire Tips To Help You Stay On Track Over The Christmas Period

It’s exactly 2 weeks today until Christmas 😉

This time of year is full of tasty temptations, nights out, Christmas parties, alcohol consumption, chocolates and desserts, but overdoing it can lead to stubborn weight gain that’s difficult to lose.

Did you know that most people will put on around 7lbs over the Christmas period!!!

Here are 3 quick fire ways to help you stay on track this year:-

1 – Manage your weekly calories, not your daily calories.

If you have a night out or Christmas party arranged a good idea is to slightly reduce your calorie intake over the week leading up to it so your are ‘banking calories’ that you can then use for your night out. This could just be cutting out your snacks or having a slightly smaller portion size for a few days.

2 – Eat before you go out.

Have a good nutritious meal before you go out so that you aren’t going out hungry and will stop you from over eating or picking at the wrong foods.

3 – Be careful with your drinks

If you’re going to be drinking alcohol, be mindful of what you’re drinking. Cocktails are full of sugar and syrup and can have several hundred calories per drink!! Try going for a gin and tonic or clear spirit which will keep calories lower. Also try alternating your drinks with water to stay hydrated. 

Helping YOU to a fitter, healthier body!

Rich 😉


Up Your NEAT!!

Losing weight can be a frustrating battle, you eat well and train hard but still don’t seem to be getting the results that you are looking for and it can quite simply be that you are not getting the maths right with calories in vs calories out.

A simple way to burn more calories is to up your NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)

Basically this means all the energy expended during the day which isn’t official training or exercise.

Mowing the lawn, walking up a flight of stairs even fidgeting can up your NEAT!

They all burn calories, and more than we would expect.

Literally every movement your body makes contributes to NEAT.

According to Dr James Levine, the Mayo Clinic researcher who first described the phenomenon of NEAT, it can vary by up to 2,000 calories a day between two people of the same size.

Studies show shocking differences in people’s NEAT – some people burn 2000+ more calories than others just from daily movement. Your daily activity, lifestyle, and occupation will all contribute. Think of an office worker vs manual labourer, or someone who takes the stairs  vs someone who takes the elevator.

It’s hard to believe, but simply moving more throughout the day can burn 2,000 calories,

NEAT is the single biggest contributor to your daily calorie burn – far more than official training sessions.

So when your slogging away for an hour on the treadmill or stationary bike to only burn 300 to 400 calories remember if you also up your Neat that could be the missing piece to unlocking your weight loss puzzle 😉